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eep the Bolero spirit alive, through a romantic voice triad, guitar chords and the memerizing sound of the requinto; a command that we, as mexicans, can not refuse.

As a trio, formed in 1992, we have set ourself a goal to rescue this musical genre, the classics that still affects deeply the romantic hearts of Mexico and the rest of the world.

We are three musicians who have been performing a select repertoire at several places in Mexico and other countries.

Javier Regalado   Requinto and third voice
Salvador Jiménez       Guitar and first voice
Diego Martínez       Contrarrequinto and Second voice

Melodious themes like “Sabor a mi”, “Sin ti”, “Gema”, “El andariego”, “El Reloj”, are but some of over three hundred songs from the best authors such as Alvaro Carrillo, Roberto Cantoral, César Portillo de la Luz and Güicho Cisneros. These melodies are part of our “dream briefcase”, which we open in each stage always looking for the right way to sow our romantic seed in the soul of our spectators.

The following information is a summary of our musical life as of july 2011 for your consideration.

Abril 1992

Recording “14 éxitos con Los Galantes” (14 hits with The Galantes) music record
Trío Los Galantes

May 1992

Performed at the Blanquita Theater
Trío Los Galantes

August 1992

Mexican Oil Institute 27th Aniversary, playing next to Sonia López y Luis Gatica
Trío Los Galantes

September 1992

Bruno Mascanzoni hall. “Homenaje al Trío Los Galantes con la nueva generación de Los Galantes”  (A tribute to The Galantes by the new generation of The Galantes)concert.
Trío Los Galantes

February 1993

Bruno Mascanzoni Hall. “Los Galantes nuevamente en concierto”  (The Galantes in concert, again!)Concert.
Trío Los Galantes

May 1993

Termination of the contract with ASSM recording studios. Changed the name to Trío América, registration on ANDA and CROC unions.

May – Sept. 1993

Fiesta Americana Airport Hotel season.
Trío América playing next to Viento Nuevo and Los Gallardo groups

August – October 1993

Stouffer President Hotel. La Chimenea and El Café restaurants season.

July 1994

XEW. “Tú y W” radio show. Trío América playing with singer Irma Filipini.
Trío América


Sept. – October 1994


Continental Plaza Airport Hotel. Lobby bar season and introducing the new name “Trío Guivyan”  alternating with Los Tres Diamantes as well as with the Escala and Miguel Angel 4 groups.
Trío Guivyan

Nov. – Dec. 1994

Mogambo Restaurant, Puerto Vallarta Jalisco.
Trío Guivyan

Nov. 1994 – April 1995

Fiesta Americana Puerto Vallarta Hotel, season at the lobby bar, Friday López disco and the Morocco and Chula Vista restaurants.
Trío Guivyan

April 1995

Radio Digital 90.3 FM, Puerto Vallarta.“Los románticos de todos los tiempos” (Romantics of all times)radio show.
Trío Guivyan

Sept. – October 1995

Internacional tour, Yokohama Japan and Seoul Korea. “Festival mexicano” (Mexica Festival) set by the Intercontinental Hotel chain.
Trío Guivyan

1997 – 1998

Performing at several places:

  • Socicultur
  • IMSS
  • Hipódromo de las Américas
  • Hotel Presidente Intercontinental
  • Hotel Nikko
  • Hotel Fiesta Americana
  • Hotel Marriott
  • Hotel Paraíso Radisson
  • Hotel Holiday Inn
  • Hotel Camino Real
  • Hotel Casa Blanca
  • Restaurant Arroyo
  • Restaurant El Tenampa
  • Restaurant Cícero
  • Hacienda de los Morales
  • Cadena Wings y Barón Rojo
  • El Campirano Restaurant
  • Los 300 Bar

May 1998

Termination of the contract with the Trío Guivyan.


June 1998 – Feb. 1999

Representing the Güero Gil’s Los Panchos dinasty on several forums both nacionals and internacionals.
Trío Los Panchos

June 1999

Birth of the Trío Los Tres Reales.

November 1999

ABC Internacional radio show
Los Tres Reales

Jan. 2000 – Jan. 2001

Season at the Marriott Airport Hotel
Los Tres Reales

March 2000 to date

“El Campirano” Restaurant Bar
Los Tres Reales

May – June 2001

Musical play “Máscara contra Cabellera” (Mask vs. Hair) by Víctor Hugo Rascón Banda, performing and playing at the Blanquita theater.
Los Tres Reales

June – July 2001

Season at the María Victoria Hotel, Colima, Colima.
Los Tres Reales

August 2001

Movie “El Hijo de Juan Colorado”, produced by Rudy Ferrara.
Los Tres Reales

August – Sept. 2001

Central america tour.
Los Tres Reales

January 2002

Tribute to the Trío Los Soberanos Juventud theater.
Los Tres Reales

February 2002

Performing at the Fiesta Americana Condesa Hotel in Acapulco.
Los Tres Reales

September 2002

Internacional tour, Tokyo Japan
“Mexican Party” Mexico-Japan Friends Asociation
Nikko Hotel
Trío Los Tres Reales

February – March 2003

Central america tour. 3 cd’s recorded.
Los Tres Reales

May 2003

TV Program “Mañanitas a la Virgen, Televisa
Los Tres Reales

September 2003 to date

“La Mestiza” Restaurant Bar
Los Tres Reales

Sept. – October 2003

Internacional tour.
Tokyo, Kyoto and  Sapporo, Japan
Los Tres Reales

April – August 2004

Season at the Nikko hotel, Mexico
Los Tres Reales

April 2004

CD recorded in live concert in the Shinjuku Bunka  Center, Tokyo, Japan
Los Tres Reales



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